Have you ever wondered…

Why you think and act the way you do?

Our assessment holds the key to unlock the mysteries of your mind in a matter of minutes. Unlike other personality tests that count on honest answers given by the person taking it, our innovative approach digs deeper to uncover the details of your personality and behavior.

You can reach a new level of understanding by taking our science-based assessment to discover:

  • Different aspects of your personality
  • Your true potential
  • Where your strengths lie
  • Potential hurdles in your life
  • What causes you stress

Why you sometimes feel disconnected from your friends and peers?

Sums!’s unique two way compatibility platform will not only let you see how well you fit someone, but how well they fit with you.

By inviting your friends to Sum! and having them take the assessment, you can start:

  • Growing meaningful relationships
  • Understanding how others see from their perspective
  • Making new connections and strengthening existing one

What you can do to improve your team?

There is a certain harmony at the core of every effective team, which comes from cooperation and communication.

Sum! brings your team together in one space, giving you a glimpse at the bigger picture of your team dynamics by:

  • Improving group communication
  • Effectively resolving team conflict
  • Increasing overall creativity
  • Forming a strong team identity

Where teamwork begins.

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